Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story, by author Lizbeth Hartz, is a riveting read that will both touch and terrify you. 

FIVE-STAR REVIEWS abound for this tantalizing true tale of heroism and cowardice, love and lust, conscience and fear.

“Psychological thriller with spiritual overtones…author displays wide array of skills…taut, fast-paced…characters fleshed-out…dramatic sense for slowly, expertly unfolding police investigation…well-orchestrated climax, satisfyingly gripping…tense, well-realized police procedural starring memorably resilient heroine”

Kirkus Review, Dec. 14, 2015


“True Crime…romance…heroine who overcomes her worst fears, this book has it all.

Laurie Hanan, mystery author


“Captivates from page one…brutal crime coupled with tender romance…deep spiritual connection with love of her life…convincing, emotionally satisfying.”

Rosemary Mild, mystery and memoir author


“Perhaps we should propose a new category of memoir, a fictionalized ‘true crime-true love’ genre, because that’s precisely where Angel Hero, Lizbeth Hartz’s otherworldly, romance-murder mystery would fit. This is the kind of story where we fall in love with the spunky heroine, root for the deep-hearted good guy, and wonder whether the bad guy will ever get what’s coming to him. These are not stock characters, but sensitively drawn souls, and this is not a stock plot. Ms. Hartz adds another dimension to what might have been merely an entrancing tale — a spiritual dimension. She shines a light on the souls of the actors and investigates the karmic forces driving them and the outcome. Angel Hero is an engrossing and rewarding read. It is not to be missed.”

Alice Folkart, novelist, memoirist, poet


“Exquisitely woven thriller…compelling…escalates from ‘just another ordinary day at the office’ to a shocking and terrifying crescendo as the psychopathic antagonist spreads fear and terror…this is ‘Ghost’ meets ‘Psycho’.”

Rick Smith, author, “How to Master Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend”


“…an initially timid woman’s fight to find the courage to do something truly terrifying, and to find the love she has been denied throughout her life…Hartz is terrified but fights back…her courage delivers love—both on Earth and in the spiritual realm beyond.

Hartz writes: “And I’ll hone my writing skills until I can describe what happened so compellingly readers will clamor to read your story, Vic…. And everyone will know what a righteous dude you were, and that your spirit transcended the grave …”

In this gripping page-turner (I read it at one sitting) the ending is among the most powerful I have ever read. She has honored Vic as she promised to do so very long ago.

As a writing teacher, I read books on two levels; the story and the technical details. I also commend Lizbeth Hartz for excellent use of detail, for bringing all the senses into the story, for a solid plot arc, and for that ending that made a tough old veteran weep.”

Stephen Morrill


“Unique…worthy…tells romance…crime story…mixes supernatural with material…emotionally moving…Hartz advances the genre of the spiritual mystery, in which the solution of a crime relies upon seemingly supernatural intervention and in the process causes the main character’s understanding of the universe, and her inner peace, to grow…”

Kyle John Janison, book reviewer/author


“Startling degree of sophistication with …writing solid romance…spiritual world…characters both wholesome and exciting…loathsome and frightening”

Grady Harp
Amazon Hall of Fame Vine Voice


“Excellent…courage to tell story that…empowers others to face their demons”

Gail Baugniet, mystery author


“An enchanting narrative examining how love transcends all, especially our three-dimensional, physical world. Angel Hero will inspire you to have faith in the universe.”

Rob Bignell, author and editor


“Angel Hero is alive with feeling, both sexual and spiritual. By turns vivid and gritty, ethereal and romantic, this exquisite book tells a love story that evokes laughter, tears, and wonder in equal measure.”

Elaine Madison, Ph.D.
Professor of Literature,
Hawaii Pacific University, playwright


“Lizbeth Hartz has a knack for choosing just the right word to paint the most compelling picture possible. From the moment I began reading Angel Hero, I was totally engaged. The interplay of refreshing humor and spine-tingling suspense had me alternately laughing and grabbing the edge of my chair. Part romance, part crime, part spiritual, and all heart, Angel Hero will take you on a wild ride you won’t forget.”

Pratibha S. Eastwood, Ph.D., psychologist, author, playwright