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Little did Lizbeth suspect that transferring out of the rundown Army fire department dispatch office into the high-tech one at the Air Force would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Literally. And it only gets hotter.

“Angel Hero is alive with feeling, both sexual and spiritual. By turns vivid and gritty, ethereal and romantic, this exquisite book tells a love story that evokes laughter, tears, and wonder in equal measure.”

Elaine Madison, Ph.D.
Professor of Literature, Hawaii Pacific University, playwright

“Exquisitely woven thriller…compelling…escalates from ‘just another ordinary day at the office’ to a shocking and terrifying crescendo as the psychopathic antagonist spreads fear and terror…this is ‘Ghost’ meets ‘Psycho’.”

Rick Smith, author, “How to Master  Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend”

“Captivates from page one…brutal crime coupled with tender romance…deep spiritual connection with love of her life…convincing, emotionally satisfying.”

Rosemary Mild, mystery and memoir author

Lizbeth's essay discussing the devastating reality of her dear friend Vic's death as a result of gun violence is featured on Bullets into Bells. You can read the essay, Healing Violence Through Activism, on their website by clicking here. Read the entire story, as well as what it was like dealing with the sociopath that murdered Vic in cold blood, in Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.

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