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Little did Lizbeth suspect that transferring out of the rundown Army fire department dispatch office into the
high-tech one at the Air Force would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Literally. And it only gets hotter.

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“Angel Hero is alive with feeling, both sexual and spiritual. By turns vivid and gritty, ethereal and romantic, this exquisite book tells a love story that evokes laughter, tears, and wonder in equal measure.”

Elaine Madison, Ph.D.
Professor of Literature, Hawaii Pacific University, playwright

“Exquisitely woven thriller…compelling…escalates from ‘just another ordinary day at the office’ to a shocking and terrifying crescendo as the psychopathic antagonist spreads fear and terror…this is ‘Ghost’ meets ‘Psycho’.”

Rick Smith, author, “How to Master  Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend”

“Captivates from page one…brutal crime coupled with tender romance…deep spiritual connection with love of her life…convincing, emotionally satisfying.”

Rosemary Mild, mystery and memoir author

Lizbeth's essay discussing the devastating reality of her dear friend Vic's death as a result of gun violence is featured on Bullets into Bells. You can read the essay, Healing Violence Through Activism, on their website by clicking here. Read the entire story, as well as what it was like dealing with the sociopath that murdered Vic in cold blood, in Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story.

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Bridging Love and Afterlife: Firehouse Ghost III

Tonight. Vic shuddered. Am I ready? Will Liz be ready? He focused his entire consciousness on Liz. Her thought penetrated him: I love you so much, Vic. Part of me wants Jaku to kill my body so I can go with you. Vic’s expanded heart shrank into a small, sore lump. “You won’t be allowed…

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Whispered Connections: Firehouse Ghost II

Despair gripped Vic in a vise and whisked him to Jaku’s side. The murderer smirked as he polished the barrel of his .357. “Boom!” He mimicked the loud sound of the gun discharging. “I’m gonna waste that bitch.” He chuckled, imagining the terror on Liz’s face as he jammed the gun against her head and…

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Firehouse Ghost: Unveiling the Other Side

Vic Lazzarini’s ghost scowled at the short, fat-bellied fireman cringing in his jail cell. “Jaku, you sawed-off, lily-livered sneak!” Vic shouted. “Murderer!” He threw what would have been a bone-crunching punch if it hadn’t gone right through the punk’s head. Jaku’s hairy nostrils twitched, his pin-prick eyes darting around the jail cell stinking of urine…

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A Braided Essay: These Dreams of Love III

I Become – Part 3 Twelve years before I fell in love with Barry and a year to the day after Vic’s death on Valentine’s Day, 1985, I felt wrung out with grieving and despairing of ever finding the kind of love I’d found with Vic again. That morning, I awoke in the wee hours,…

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A Braided Essay: These Dreams of Love II

I Become – Part 2 After telling Sasha I would talk to my father, I was relieved when Mom said Dad didn’t want to talk to me. We didn’t know how to talk to each other adult to adult, only father to child, me being the child who wasn’t supposed to talk back.  Leaving my…

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A Braided Essay: These Dreams of Love

I Become – Part 1 Back in the ‘70s, soon after graduating from college in California, I joined my mom and dad on Oahu and became a lonely little bird, my song squelched inside the gilded cage of my parents’ military home. Sorely missing my college friends’ comradery, surrounded by uniformed Air Force officers, I…

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Letter to the Ghosts of Jaku’s Murderer’s Thumbs

What squashed you, Thumbs? Your bully of a boss, Jaku, certainly couldn’t have compressed you playing volleyball, because the only body part Jaku exercised was his mouth—his liar’s lips flapping fast as a hummingbird’s wings. Oh, wait a minute. I’d forgotten about his sticky fingers, which also grabbed wallets, keys and jewelry his coworkers forgot…

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Island Fever, Kitties and Hope

Friends, there is so much to be grateful for as Christmas rolls around. Where did the year ever go? Things have been hectic as Barry and I searched Oahu for many moons, looking for affordable rentals that would accept our two precious kitties. Challenges have been accepted and overcome. Love has grown fuller and flourished.…

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Excerpts from my new mystery short story and my old memoir

Hip, hip, hurrah! An anthology titled “Island Fever” (I came up with the title 😊) is slated to be published on September 1, 2022. Eleven of us authors each agreed to write a mystery short story set in Hawai’i that includes some sort of fever. Several wrote about Covid, one about Dengue, and I wrote…

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150th Arbor Day: How to Help

The good news this month is that Friday, April 29th is the 150th Arbor Day, a day where communities across America (or individuals on their own) get together to make the world a better place for future generations by planting trees. Many other countries celebrate Arbor Day (though some do it on different dates). I…

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Pep Talks from Kindergarteners: Passing on the Torch for #WATWB

This month marks the 55th, and final, edition of the We Are the World Blogfest. Though at times it’s been hectic to get a post together to share some good news, I’ve always had fun with the task (that didn’t feel like one at all once I dived in). As well, reading the good news…

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Take 2 Sunny Days and Call Me Next Week – #WATWB

Ah, the great outdoors. Arguably, there’s little that ails us that a day in the forest can’t heal. I’ve long revered the healing powers of nature. The good news this week is that now the Canadian government is acknowledging the benefits of nature on human health, too.  I’m pleased to inform you that some of…

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