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Love & Romance

Good News About Love and Compassion #WATWB

In my search for good news about love, I came across an article on the website of Jim Hopper, PhD. that, as a caregiver, gives me great hope and pause for reflection. Titled Mindfulness and Meditation: Kindness, Compassion & Love, the article gives us a roadmap for cultivating these qualities. In discovering and practicing new…

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My Last Valentine

Barry’s nickname, Ashtar the Magnificent, came about because of his psychic—he called it psycho—ability. I only had to be in the same room with him to feel better.  I wrote briefly about falling in love with my partner Barry 13 years after Vic died (a coworker hunk I’d secretly been in love with), toward the…

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Speak, Love, Last – A Non-Fiction Short Story – Part 7

Winter turned into spring and my feelings for Vic blossomed like summer roses. I tried to keep them hidden but I couldn’t conceal what was happening inside of me. Something was thawing. The ice floes protecting my heart were melting in the sunlight of my desire. Anxiety picked at me. Maybe I wasn’t Vic’s type.…

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Speak, Love, Last – A Non-Fiction Short Story – Part 6

The pain of Vic blaming me for something I didn’t do hit me hard. I barely made it to the bathroom before my tears fell. After collecting myself, I hurried back to the alarm room. The relief fireman, my pal Danny, asked, “How come your eyes all bloodshot?” “I thought Vic…Vic was my friend,” I…

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Speak, Love, Last – A Non-Fiction Short Story – Part 5

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare. *** A few months later, Vic told me Molly had moved back to L.A. “Was it because of the oil thing?” “Nah. She rearranged my apartment. I told her she should’ve asked first.” “Well, yeah. Did she say why…

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