Speak, Love, Last – A Non-Fiction Short Story – Part 7

Winter turned into spring and my feelings for Vic blossomed like summer roses. I tried to keep them hidden but I couldn’t conceal what was happening inside of me. Something was thawing. The ice floes protecting my heart were melting in the sunlight of my desire. Anxiety picked at me. Maybe I wasn’t Vic’s type.…

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Ingenious Way to Keep Dementia Patients Hydrated (#WATWB)

What with Hurricane Lane wreaking havoc on Hawai’i’s weather, I forgot today was the day to post good news for We Are the World Blogfest. So I was scanning good news and came across this one that’s near and dear to my heart, because I help look after a hundred something lady with dementia. It’s…

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Speak, Love, Last – A Non-fiction Short Story – Part 4

  The longer I knew Vic, the more his positive outlook charmed me. On a slow afternoon in the alarm room, I poked fun at a short fireman who told tall tales about his amazing rescues. In his typical, generous style, Vic said, “Aww, the sawed off little dude’s just trying to act big.” “You’re…

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