Dr. Christopher T. Gregory, Chiropractor Extraordinaire, is Back!

Recently, I was delighted to discover that Dr. Christopher Gregory, the only chiropractor I have gone to for the past 27 years except for a few adjustments from his brother Charles, is back in practice at his Piikoi office after recovering from a long illness. Now adjusting on Tues, Thurs and Saturday afternoons, Dr. Chris’s adjustments are better than ever. A few weeks ago, he fixed my low back in one adjustment. Only for severe conditions does it take him more than two or three adjustments. I consider him, “The Doc Who Always Gets It Right.”

Not only is he a spot-on adjuster, he has a personable and kind bedside manner. I relax the moment he says, “Lie face down on the table” because I know, when I get up, I’ll be in a lot better shape than when I lay down. He works his magic by putting these funny little half shoes on with which he leg measures, then he makes marks with a soft pencil on my back to indicate the location and direction of the spots he will press to adjust me (please excuse me if I don’t have the correct name for the technical details.) He is definitely not a snap and crack sort of chiropractor. He definitely is a chiropractor who will fix your issue with the minimum number of adjustments rather than one who tries to keep you coming back many times.

Dr. Chris uses the powerful D.N.F.T. technique to good effect (check out this article about him in Midweek at


I am so grateful he’s recovered and can adjust again. Lucky for his patients Dr. Chris is BACK! If his office phone is too busy, he told me I could email his secretary at gibsonp002@hawaii.rr.com to schedule an adjustment.