J is for the Jupiter Mount: Reflecting an Attractive Personality

Mounts are significant in the study of palms because the influence of mounts causes different lines to form and develop. Named after the planets, mounts reveal their special features. Interestingly, the planet which is more prominent in the horoscope is also prominent in the palm.1

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Our topic of discussion today is:

The Mount of Jupiter

Located at the base of the index finger and above the Mount of Mars, this mount represents god power, leadership, organization and authority. The Mount of Jupiter is considered to be quite helpful in life because it moves the person toward progress.

If this mount is prominent, such a person possesses godly qualities (after all. Jupiter was the Roman’s Sky God). Such people safeguard their self-respect. Learned people, they are always prepared to help others. Difficult conditions don’t disturb them. Most Justices of High courts and high authorities have prominent Mounts of Jupiter and a special quality that can change the public in their favor. Many are also religious-minded.

If the Mount is flat or almost so, the above qualities are usually deficient. Physically, such people are ordinary, healthy and have smiling faces. They’re experts in delivering lectures and kind at heart.1 They would rather garner respect and a good reputation from people than wealth. For the opposite sex, they keep a soft spot in their hearts.

If a person’s mount is more prominent, he tends to be selfish and proud.1

If the Mount is absent in a person, his self-respect is missing. These people don’t get much help from their parents, and can be found in the company of lower-class people.1

Signs found on the Mount of Jupiter and their influences:

The following is mostly from Vedic Astro Advice, rearranged and edited by me somewhat: 2

Triangle: If the Mount of Jupiter sports a perfect triangle, it indicates a diplomatic person wanting to progress. If the triangle is askew, the person is arrogant and self-serving.

Cross: A cross on Mount Jupiter indicates a man who lives comfortably in a peaceful home and thinks carefully before doing his work. He marries an educated woman, and his in-laws add to his wealth.

Spot: Spots come in four colors: white, red, yellow and black. White spots signify progress, red spots ailments, and yellow spots deficient blood. Black spots predict wealth but can be both favorable and unsavory.

If the black mole is located on the Mount of Jupiter, there will be obstacles in marriage. For this person, love tends to go wrong and he or she won’t achieve full success in life.

Circle: If the circle sits on the Mount of Jupiter, the person tries hard, succeeds in being selected for a high post, and gets a lot of help from his in-laws.

Island: If the sign of the island exists on the Mount of Jupiter Mount, this person is lacking in self-confidence.

Square: If a square sits on the Mount of Jupiter, good fortune awaits. Even if this person is born in an ordinary family, he acquires a high post and is honored and respected.

Mesh (Net): A mesh (looks like a net) on the Mount of Jupiter is unfavorable. It signifies the individual is cruel, lacks compassion, and is arrogant and selfish.

Star: If a star on the Mount of Jupiter is visible and perfectly formed, then the person is ambitious and successful. He or she will become a high official who is most hospitable.

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