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Surprise! A New Format (Podcast or Radio play)

I just signed up for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. On September 6th, I’ll be posting about an experience I had in a recent online Writing Boot Camp class taught by the fine folks at Creative Nonfiction, when my excellent teacher Rhonda challenged us to write in a new genre.

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Two Incendiary Firefighting Memoirs

Dennis Smith’s Report from Engine Co. 82 and Lizbeth Hartz’ Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story are both memoirs about firefighters. One big difference is the setting: Smith’s in New York City, Hartz’s on a military base in Hawai’i. How accurate is Angel Hero? Every detail is true except for names, dates, and places—a necessary…

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Only Love, Part 5

Here’s the final episode of my short story “Only Love.” Although the ending’s fictional, under better circumstances, it could have been, should have been what happened. ***** Hesitantly, Vic says, “Uh…if you ever need it…,” he pats his shoulder, “…my shoulder is…well, it’s strong enough for you to lean on.” “Thanks.” I swallow hard, long…

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