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B is for a Brief History of Palmistry, #AtoZAprilChallenge

The art of palmistry, aka palm reading, hand reading, chirology or chiromancy—also spelled cheiromancy  from Greek kheir (“hand”)—has to do with understanding character and foretelling the future through studying the palm. Palmistry is practiced all over the world, with as many different variations as there are cultures. There are many different interpretations of various lines…

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C is for Cheiro and the Church #A to Z April 2017 Challenge

William John Warner, popularly known as Cheiro (derived from the word cheiromancy, meaning palmistry) lived from November 1, 1866 – October 8, 1936. He was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. A self-described clairvoyant who taught palmistry, astrology, and Chaldean numerology, he was celebrated for using these forms of…

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D is for Destiny #A to Z April 2017 Challenge

THE LINE OF DESTINY OR FATE The Line of Destiny, or Line of Fate (see 1-1 below) is one of the most important principal lines of the hand because it indicates the main events of one’s career. In some cases it may look faint or shadowy, as if the path of Destiny is not yet…

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