First Chapter, Angel Hero, as Poetry

Thanks to the feedback from readers who said they liked the Angel Hero prologue poem I posted on Halloween, I am posting the next two poems. These touch on the events of the first part of Chapter One.


AngelHeroBlogPost13_2First Part Chapter 1, Setting the Scene


Minutes before midnight, couldn’t see much,

moon hid behind a cloud, the trade winds howled

the clouds burst open, a hard rain came

Saran-wrapped my muumuu to my tall, slim frame


Cold and soaked, I sprinted past

palm fronds flapping clackety clack

I hurried down a dark hall to a windowless room

where I sent trucks wailing to calls of doom


A fireman handed me his warm, dry blazer

“There’s a vacancy,” he rasped, “for a good dispatcher,

we’ll miss you, Lizzy, but the word on the street,

is your boss wants to can you, so you’d better beat it.”


Chapter 1, continued

My boss-to-be interviewed me, “Is it true,” he asked,
“that you’re sharp and fast and can multi-task?”
“Sure is,” I said, he said, “Liz, you’re hired!”
The boss who’d given me grief looked tired.

My boyfriend said, “Cool! You’ll bring money in,
by the way, I got fired from a job again.”
His anger at haoles, my fear of his rage
robbed me of joy, kept me locked in a cage

I soon met two fire friends, different as night and day
Vic strong, shy, funny, liked to tease and play
limelight-loving Jaku was good at pantomime
Vic was a giver, Jaku would steal your last dime


Please tell me what you think of these poems. Do they whet your desire to read Angel Hero?

Lizbeth Hartz is the author of the true crime, true love memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawaii, A True Story, which this blog post is partly based on. Buy it on Amazon or sign up to read the 1st chapter free.