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A Hodgepodge of Poems from the Heart

A Medley of Poetry While wrestling today with what to write for Susannah Conway’s Blogging from the Heart assignment, the idea to write poetry pounced on me. So I pulled out some old poetry and spiffed it up, and scribbled down some new. And then, as is my wont, I edited and reedited, and now…

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First Chapter, Angel Hero, as Poetry

Thanks to the feedback from readers who said they liked the Angel Hero prologue poem I posted on Halloween, I am posting the next two poems. These touch on the events of the first part of Chapter One.   First Part Chapter 1, Setting the Scene   Minutes before midnight, couldn’t see much, moon hid…

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Book Story Poem

During these past couple of weeks, on a whim, I wrote three story poems that relay the events at the beginning of my memoir, Angel Hero. The inspiration to attempt this came from famous fantasy writer Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors. Like Ray, I believe that writers should only write about what they…

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Poems Dedicated to the Angel Hero

During the last few weeks, I poured over notes from a class I took about social media in hopes of finding ways to publicize my memoir Angel Hero. But the time it took to try and hoist myself up the social media ropes left me with little time to return to my daily writing routine.…

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