A Local Hero in This Land of Aloha

ChiroHands“Here’s to all the strong ones who don’t care if they win, the kind I’ll never see again” ~ Steve Winwood lyrics from his song, “Slowdown, Sundown”

In my book Angel Hero, I tell the story of Vic, a real-life hero who lived on Oahu. Vic, a courageous firefighter and dear friend I had the great good fortune to know.

Now I wish to honor another local hero. An extraordinary man whose unselfish giving and compassionate expertise makes a powerful and positive difference to people living in this beautiful land of rainbows and aloha.

What is a hero? Wikipedia defines a hero or heroine as a person who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage, bravery, or self-sacrifice – that is, heroism – for some greater good. A man or woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities.

The hero that immediately sprang to my mind was a remarkable chiropractor who lives the tenet of self-sacrifice for some greater good – namely, the healing of his patients. Dr. Chris Gregory is the compassionate, highly skilled chiropractor whose adjustments fixed my back, which had hurt for over a decade. Not only my back, but the backs of myriads of others who, like me, sing his praises and will go to no other chiropractor because Dr. Chris always gets it right. The good doctor has been known to adjust patients as early as 3:30 a.m. if they’re badly racked up or need to catch a plane. “If somebody asks, my rule is to always say yes,” he says. “No exceptions.”

This highly trained double doctor – he has a PhD (in Physics) and a DC after his name – does not limit his assistance to Hawai’i residents. His adjustments are so powerfully healing that clients fly in to be adjusted by him from all over the world. In fact, a businessman who regularly catches a plane from Japan to Honolulu for an adjustment once told him, “Doctor Gregory, your name very famous Japan.”

The good doctor learned his rare and powerful chiropractic technique while studying for 12 years with the visionary Dr. Richard Van Rumpt in Santa Barbara, from the late 70s to 1988, when Van Rumpt passed away. “It was a real blessing to be one of his students,” Dr. Chris says. “He taught me so much. There aren’t many of us left who are doing this type of technique as taught by Dr. Van, which is not commonly taught in the Chiropractic colleges. It’s different in that it’s very soft, very effective, and very accurate. We do a Chiropractic test that does not require invasive x-rays.

“This technique is in harmony with the Chiropractic premise that structural misalignment can interfere with the flow of nerve energy. A Chiropractic adjustment as taught by Dr. Van is geared to allowing the nervous system to function without any interference. Our technique removes interference to nerve function, and when you do that you’re maximizing the body’s natural capacity to heal. Of course, everyone wants to heal as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Chris agreed to be available to answer any chiropractic questions you have. Just post a comment, and he will respond within a few days.