Kwill Publishing Company Launches Angel Hero July 22nd!!!

Hallelujah! Hip, hip, hooray! Today is Publication Day for Angel Hero, a true tale of crime and courage and love that lives past the grave.

I’m sitting at my computer in this vintage redwood house in the green hills above the University of Hawaii, listening to songs I wrote honoring a firefighter I grew to love. Sometimes his energy still runs through me like a racing river, inspiring me to continue blogging and speaking and face-booking so I can spread his story. Would someone please tell Oprah my book’s right up her alley?

An hour ago, storm clouds blotted out the blue Hawaiian sky. Now hard rain stipples the windows, and trade winds whip Plumeria tree branches against the northeast edge of this house Barry and I call home. I wonder if this storm heralds the beginning of one of the 14 tropical storms and seven hurricanes (three of them major) expected in the Eastern Pacific through November of this year. A cracking sound makes me jump and I think of the gunman who carried a concealed .357 magnum in the waistband of his trousers. Thankfully, a moment’s reflection tells me it’s just a rare clap of thunder in this island of rainbows.

The wild weather flashes me back to a tropical storm in ’85. That shattering time, when I nearly drowned in fear. But that’s part of the Angel Hero story, and I shouldn’t give too much away today, on my e-book’s Blast Off day, today, July 22nd.

July 22nd.   I Googled the number 22 yesterday.  According to numerology, it’s the most powerful Master Builder Number, represents Divine  energy put into form, and can turn the loftiest dreams into reality. I can’t imagine a more auspicious time to fulfill my promise to Vic, to tell his story so compellingly people will clamor to read it. Thinking about what happened over thirty years ago, I still get chicken skin, as they call goose bumps here in Hawai’i.

What a happy coincidence that Kwill Books chose this day to launch Angel Hero.

So how did your day go?

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Lizbeth Hartz is the author of the true crime, true love memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawaii, A True Story, which this blog post is partly based on. Buy it on Amazon or sign up to read the 1st chapter free.