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Music & Lyrics

Kwill Publishing Company Launches Angel Hero July 22nd!!!

Hallelujah! Hip, hip, hooray! Today is Publication Day for Angel Hero, a true tale of crime and courage and love that lives past the grave. I’m sitting at my computer in this vintage redwood house in the green hills above the University of Hawaii, listening to songs I wrote honoring a firefighter I grew to…

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Resurrection Song, Second Version

  In 2004, when I was writing song lyrics, I had the good fortune to hook up with talented singer/songwriter Shelley Miller. On a shoestring, without the aid of a recording studio, she transformed my lyrics into a medium-tempo folk song, created the music, and sang my Resurrection song beautifully. In less than two weeks,…

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Angel Heroes Song, third version

I wrote the lyrics of the song Angel Heroes (music and arrangement by gifted local musician John Valentine, demoed by Azalea studios in Nashville in 2005, and CD cover by my friend Phyllis Ha) as a tribute to my formerly dearest friend and present angel hero Vic Lazzarini, the protagonist of my memoir Angel Hero. …

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Resurrection Song (first version of two)

This version of “Resurrection” was born after I told a talented young singer/musician, Megan Petrie, the story of Vic, Jaku, and me. I often talked to her when she made me smoothies in a health food store I was fond of visiting in Haleiwa Town on Oahu’s north shore. Even though Megan was busy getting…

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