Book Story Poem

palmistryDuring these past couple of weeks, on a whim, I wrote three story poems that relay the events at the beginning of my memoir, Angel Hero. The inspiration to attempt this came from
famous fantasy writer Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors. Like Ray, I believe that writers should only write about what they can write about with zest and gusto. The story of Vic, the protagonist of my memoir Angel Hero, certainly fits into my zestful category.

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Here’s the story I told in the Prologue of Angel Hero, in poem form, with gusto.

Wholly Love

Back in the fall of ‘73

a clairvoyant palmist counseled me

gazing deep in my eyes, the lady saw

the heartbreak in my soul, still raw

I tried not to cry, but I just couldn’t help it    


“I see you’re a dreamer, lonely too,”

She said, “Past life sorrow’s haunting you,

Her hand was soft and hot as fire.

“Though you run from love, it’s your heart’s desire.”

“You’re right,” I said, “but I just can’t help it.”  


She told me I loved a married guy

in a prior life who said, “We’ll fly

on wings of love, come share my bed.”

I became a nun, ’cause I’d sooner be dead

I wanted a husband, but I just couldn’t get one.   


“You’re timid and shy and down on your luck,

Naiveté makes you a sitting duck

for men who toss you a pretty line.

Avoid such men and you’ll do just fine.”

I wasn’t wise to the guys but I just couldn’t help it. 


She said, “Don’t pick cold men like your daddy was,

if you can learn to speak up, the psychic buzz

is you’ll find an exalted love so sweet

it will knock the socks off your long, thin feet.”

I wanted to break out, but I just couldn’t do it.



Comments? The next two poems will come in a later post.