From Book to Blog

treehouseroomKiller, not filler, posts are the ones I strive for. That’s why only one or two posts make it into my blog most months. It takes tons of time to find a fitting topic, write a draft, let it set, edit it, and write and edit some more.

As I often do when seeking a thoughtful perspective, I turned to my magnanimous other half, Barry. “I’m feeling angst at not being able to pinpoint a topic I can sink my teeth into for my blog,” I whimpered.

“Angst is just part of the creative deal,” Barry said. “Trust that you and your topic will find each other. Seek but don’t freak. Stir the soup now so it can cook into the dish you want later.”

I could feel the stirring and tried to trust that the cooking would come. A few days later, while meeting with my friend Cindy in a giant tree house, I mentioned my dilemma. “I’m used to being totally immersed in writing my book and now I‘m at loose ends,” I complained. “I can’t even come up with a blog post topic.”

“Let your subconscious work on it; it’ll come.” Cindy patted me on the shoulder. “I felt the same way after finishing my dissertation. When years of working hard on my project suddenly ended, I felt lost.” Her tanned face suddenly paled. “Right now, though, I feel nervous. Do you see those wasps swarming beneath those branches a few feet from your head?”

“Oh my god.” I hadn’t even noticed. What else wasn’t I noticing? We skedaddled out of there. I resolved to live more in the now and less in my mind.

That night, I thought about what Barry and Cindy had said. When I went to bed, I prayed for guidance about the topic of my next blog post. When I woke the next morning, movie scenes and conversations were running through my mind. It wasn’t long before they wove themselves into the first draft of this blog post.

Thank you, Barry and Cindy, for sharing your wisdom with me. Like the Bible says, seek and ye shall find. In the words of the Beatles, I get by with a little help from my friends.