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Swedish Activist Greta Thunberg: Fighting the Good Fight for Climate Change #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | September 27, 2019

The good news about climate change is that it’s still not too late to reverse it if the people of the world all pull together. The best news about that is, we have incredible young activists marching, protesting and fighting to get people to do just that.  Climate control is the top priority of the…

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A Free-Roaming Cat Family and Me (Part 2)

By Lizbeth Hartz | September 26, 2019

Part 2 On a cool February morning three and a half years ago, I carried a bucket of towels and T-shirts to hang on the rope clothesline spanning the length of the patio. Hearing a rustling sound, I looked down. Wedged between the wheelchair and a chair protected by a plastic mattress cover, three baby…

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A Free-Roaming Cat Family and Me (Part 1)

By Lizbeth Hartz | September 24, 2019

Part 1 In 2016, three emaciated cats that were barely-bigger-than-kittens hunted geckos and rats under million dollar homes on this quiet mountain street. They optimistically raced up trees, trying to catch birds perched in shade trees in the overgrown backyard of the sixty year old house where my fiancé Barry and I had lived since…

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An Amazing Comeback for the Kākāpō Parrot – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | August 30, 2019

A second chance is always warranted, right? Good news! This week, we’ve found a great story to bring you about the encouraging comeback of the kākāpō parrot, a chubby, dancing (yes, you read that right), flightless bird that has been on the verge of extinction for quite some time. Due to various factors such as…

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An Inheritance of Kindness – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | July 26, 2019

In a world that often seems cold, calculating and manipulative, a simple act of kindness can mean so much. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot to brighten someone’s day with a kind word or gesture. After all, what does it cost us but a moment of time to smile at a passerby or ask after…

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Follow Your Dreams

By Lizbeth Hartz | July 5, 2019

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. –Edgar Cayce Did you ever dream about insignificant things that actually happened later?  I once dreamed that a plastic planter hanging from a tree outside my window broke and the plant inside it splattered on the ground. The next morning, the planter fell.  Sometimes, I wake up from…

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