Build a Wall and the Wind Will Come – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | October 28, 2021

When my mom was growing up in rural Missouri, a person was considered “windy” when they talked too much. When it comes to helping the environment, however, harnessing the wind for energy (rather than coal-based fuel) is a great and fruitful thing. Witness the creativity of entrepreneur Joe Doucet, who tells us, “Anywhere there’s a…

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Angel Heros Abound! – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | September 23, 2021

Ever since a dear friend saved my life, I’ve carried a torch for him, and admired others who, like him, give unselfishly to help others.

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7 Things Cats Can Teach You About Joy – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | August 27, 2021

It may seem counter to every-surface-level-thing you know about a cat’s personality (generally speaking), but the good news this week is that cats have lots to teach us about how to be joyful, healthy and content in life! Yes, cats can be ornery, standoffish and demanding at times, but they truly shine when it comes…

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In the Silence: Accessing the Inner Guru – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | July 30, 2021

The last blog, Finding my Way Inside and Out, tells of the recent struggles that led me to the following endeavors – and ultimately, paved the way for today’s good news. Check it out! In hopes of increasing my focus, I’ve started practicing meditation again. Most of the time, though, when I sit down, close…

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Finding my Way Inside and Out

By Lizbeth Hartz | July 28, 2021

When Barry’s misdiagnosed broken hip and sudden, unexpected hip replacement surgery a month later plunged him into pain and complications, I fell into fear. Anxious thoughts imprisoned me: What if he doesn’t get better? How could I possibly live without him? Am I making the best choices to help him heal? Thoughts of our joyful…

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Got the Digestive and Depression Blues? Discover Healthy Eating – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | June 25, 2021

Lately, I suffered from indigestion (acerbated by too much junk food and too few fruits and vegetables) tying knots rather than placing butterflies in the stomach. Combined with depression, my indigestion turned into a gut-wrenching experience! So a few days ago, I went searching for some good news about something that had the potential to help…

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