Celebrating Trees – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | April 30, 2021

Ah, trees. They provide us with food, oxygen, shade and so much more. Being a staunch champion of the environment, I love trees. I was excited when I realized that this month’s good news post would fall on Arbor Day. Through the years, my posts have reflected my love of trees. One of my favorites…

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Hawaii’s Keiki (Children) Heroes Tackling the Pandemic #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | March 27, 2021

While searching for good news for this month’s We Are The World Blogfest (WATWB), I came across some lovely quotes about children: “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” — Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of the United States “When I approach a child, he inspires in me two…

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Food Rescues in Freezing Austin and Chicago: Two Stories for February’s #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | February 26, 2021

I’ve heard it said that a crisis brings out the best in people, but not just any people. So which ones, you might well ask? Kind people, the ones who give a darn about those in need, like the couple in the Austin, Texas story, and the restaurateur in the windy city of Chicago. Here…

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Aloha, Hawaiian Style—Helping Kids Learn No Matter What – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | January 31, 2021

Kuuleialoha Gaisoa, of Unlimited Construction Company on Kauai, was determined to help her working parents and their kids during the pandemic, so she created an exemplary on-site, safe school the kids could attend while their parents worked. She isn’t sure how long she’ll keep Unlimited School going, but she thinks it’ll be open at least…

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Free Online Mindfulness Lessons for Kids and Parents Courtesy of Actress Goldie Hawn — #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | November 27, 2020

For this month’s We Are The World Blogfest (WATWB), I went looking for good news about helping the kids. Researchers say young people’s mental health is adversely affected by restrictions imposed by Covid19, that they are experiencing increased anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression. Fortunately, I discovered an inspirational story about actress Goldie Hawn’s MindUp program. Not…

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Talking and Touching (Even Virtually) Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s – #WATWB

By Lizbeth Hartz | October 29, 2020

While searching for Good News for October’s We Are The World Blogfest (#WATWB), I was heartened to read that engaging in social interactions helps combat Alzheimer’s in the elderly. When COVID hit early this year, “social distancing” was touted as the way to keep people safe. Personally, I thought that a more appropriate term was “physical distancing,” since…

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